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Educational Requirements to be a minsister (Certified Minister, Licensed Minister, Ordained Minister)

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Preliminary Application

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Midwest Latin American District  Bylaws

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Assemblies of God Constitution and Bylaws

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Articles & Resources for Church Workers

  • Anthrax & Antidote—Becoming Biblically Wise in Times of Spiritual Terrorism
    How can the pastor maintain spiritual health in the face of the insidious schemes of an invisible enemy? How can he protect his people from the insidious attacks of a ruthless enemy?
  • The Necessity of Leadership in the Smaller Congregation
    What is leadership? The question is more than just idle speculation about the philosophy of overseeing people and running an organization. It addresses the fundamental responsibility and task assigned to those who accept the call to pastor a small church.
    “I tried, but no one ever called me” are painful words for a leader who has much work to do and not enough people willing to do it. These words are painful for the person who wanted to contribute, but was never called. These are also painful words for a person who is committed to helping people connect and contribute in meaningful ways within the church.