Department Leaders Forms:

Before any planning any departmental activity you must fill out and receive approval from District Executive Officers:

Preliminary Activity Report


Before any planned departmental travel is planned you must submit and receive approval:

Travel Authorization Form


 To request "Cash Advance" department or event expense "Payment" or "reimbursement"

Check Voucher Form


To request purchase using the District Credit Card or using district's open account at a company such as GPH, Expedia, Stamps.com, etc. you must receive approval and a "Purchase Order Number"

Purchase Order Number Request


 After every "cash advance" or request for 'reimbursement" you must fill out:

Expense Report


 After every department activity please submit

Activity Summary Report


 Any time money is collected at department activities, please submit a report for each various area of activity separately, such as registration, bookstore, offering, etc.

Income Report




Technical Support Resources