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Peter and his wife Delia are AG missionaries serving in Mexico City.  For nearly ten years they worked on different levels with Hispanic immigrants in the United States.  Peter has a passion for promoting missions both in Mexico and in the States.  The Breits plan to focus on church planting. 


Contact Info:  
Address/Correro: 585 Westby  Drive                                 Spring Lake Park, MN  55432
Tel: 1-763-515-0085
Email/Correro Electronical:

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Missionaries on the Move

Why do people become missionaries and go live in another country? What are their thoughts as they get ready to depart for the mission field? We caught up with three new missionary couples and a single new missionary during the recent Missionary Training and Renewal and posed these questions.

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Moving On

For the past six years I have had the privilege of posting articles, stories and news from our missionaries on this AG World Missions website. Later, we started daily postings on AGWM Facebook and Twitter that are now being viewed by thousands of people a day. Reading your comments has been fun and heartwarming.

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A New Season

What a joy it has been for the past 21 years to serve the Lord in Assemblies of God World Missions. I have so appreciated interacting with missionaries, speaking with pastors and church personnel, and developing friendships among the great people who work here at the National Leadership and Resource Center.

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