It is now Credential Renewal Time.


You may go on-line at in order to complete it electronically.

Please check your address, phone number, and email listed on the form and make any changes necessary.


Also, please be sure to answer all questions. The District Office must receive your renewal fees before your credential renewal is approved....

Our Presbyters have instructed the Executive Leadership Team to review each renewal application to ensure that all ministers have met the tithe requirement of our Bylaws before the renewal is approved.

I would like to remind you that in addition to your regular tithes there is a credential renewal fee that needs to be sent to the District office.

The renewal fee for a minister is as follows:
$55.00 for a credentialed minister (Mandatory)
$70.00 for a credentialed minister and spouse (Optional) ($55 Renewal +$15 F. Fund)
$100.00 for both spouses with credentials (Mandatory)

Please submit by sending a check written out to the Midwest District Council.

If you owe dues to the General Council, and filing via hardcopy please do the following:


Pay online at or (1) attach a check [written out to General Council] to your renewal form for the amount owed to the General Council [amount is indicated in the box entitled “General Council Support”] and (2) include the Minister’s Tithe form which is included with your renewal form. We will forward that check to the General Council with your renewal form. General Council will not process a renewal until all of the dues for 2017 are received.

We would appreciate receiving your renewal form in our office by December 16th in order to give us time to process it before the end of the year. If you allow your credential to lapse, you will need to fill out a Reinstatement Application form and pay a reinstatement fee: $50.00 to the General Council and $100.00 to the Midwest District Council (Separate checks), so please send in your renewal on time to avoid the additional process and fees